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Dirty Pond? Let's Clean it up!

Our team of Certified Aquascape Pond Maintenance Technicians will ensure your water feature is operating at its best. We know that a dirty malfunctioning water garden can be frustrating and we are here to help.  We offer maintenance packages to our customers who love their water features, but do not have the time to maintain. We want to help you keep your water garden looking amazing. Here is what our pond cleaning service includes…

  • Pond is drained and pressure washed.
  • Fish and frogs are removed, placed in an aerated fish safe container.
  • Pond sludge and debris removed.
  • Aquatic plants are cut back.
  • Pond filters , bio units,and skimmers are cleaned.
  • Pump is cleaned and inspected.
  • Lights are cleaned and inspected.
  • Adjustment to rocks and gravel where needed.
  • Water treatmens added as needed.
  • Reintroduction of fish and frogs.

Spring Pond Opening

Spring Pond cleans get your pond working and looking the way you want it. A clean pond is a happy pond and your fish will love it too. 

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