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Just imagine stepping out into your yard and having your very own water feature, a tranquil oasis to go sit and relax by.  Enjoying the enchanting sites and sounds of nature, and in no time you’ll forget all the hustle and bustle of the busy day.  Call Aquatic Creations Today !


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Aquatic Creations serving the surrounding counties of Northern Virginia

Welcome to Aquatic Creations of Northern Virginia an aquatic water feature designer contractor. Our goal is to make your outdoor oasis come true. We invite you to explore our site and contact us to begin our conversation about how we can accomplish your upcoming plans.

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aquatic waterfeature designer builder

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We made it to the Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy YouTube channel! First video is out and more to follow. Thank you Gregg for showcasing some of our work. We love our job! But that basement on the other hand is a love hate relationship

Noah Manuel

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Aquatic Creations NVA is an aquatic water feature designer contractor. We specialize in all types of Water Features, Pondless Water Falls, Fountains, Landscape Lighting and Eco-system Ponds that are full of aquatic life.

Water features can be a great addition to any yard, and they can be especially beautiful when they’re situated next to a backyard patio. Pondless waterfalls are especially popular because it is completely self contained with its own water source. This means that it can be installed in almost any location or next to your patio or deck.

When choosing a waterfall for your yard, it’s important to consider its size and features. Some smaller waterfalls are perfect for areas with limited space, like a small backyard. While larger waterfalls can be a great centerpiece for an entire yard. It’s also important to think about what kind of water feature you’d like to see. Some options include bubbling streams, fountains that shoot water high into the air, or even falls that cascade down into a backyard pond. Where you will hear the sound of the water coming over your waterfall. Our creativity is only limited by your budget.

Regardless of the type of waterfall you choose to have built, be sure to enjoy its beauty from all sides. Waterfalls are an excellent way to add natural beauty to your yard and make it into a relaxing oasis.

. We will provide you with quality at the best possible value. For us, quality means longevity, efficiency, performance, and compelling craftsmanship. Join my satisfied homeowners who experienced working with Aquatic Creations

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aquatic water feature designer builder

Water Garden Ponds

Adding a backyard oasis to your lifestyle will bring you years of enjoyment.

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Add an air of elegance to your outdoor living space. A fountain is perfect for adding serenity and peace to your home .

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Pond Renovations

There are many ponds that were poorly built or have been overtaken with years of neglect.

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