Pond Renovation

Pond Renovation

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Pond Renovation

A water feature should be a focal point of the landscape; in many cases they are not. Hidden beneath the aesthetic problems many water gardens lack poor pond filtration and do not have pond plants. Due to improper construction many ponds also have leaks.      

There are many poorly built backyard ponds that have overall pond design flaws such as dull or uninspired rockwork. Ponds that are not built correctly may also have water clarity problems as well. All of these problems can be addressed and corrected depending on your needs and budget.

Earth Pond Renovations

Aquatic Creations enjoys bringing back to life the old earth pond. Over years the rapid growth of cattails, bottom sediment can suck out the life of the pond. 

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The Process

The rebuilding process can be similar to new construction. First, we will begin discussing problems that your current water garden may have. Then we decide a plan of action to correct any minor problems or we can show you how to creatively redesign your water garden to make it function properly. Our pond construction expertise guarantees that you will have a professionally built water garden that functions properly and that will withstand the test of time.