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Pond Renovation

A water feature should be a focal point of the landscape; in many cases they are not. Hidden beneath the aesthetic problems many water gardens lack poor pond filtration and do not have pond plants. Due to improper construction many ponds also have leaks.      

There are many poorly built backyard ponds that have overall pond design flaws such as dull or uninspired rockwork. Ponds that are not built correctly may also have water clarity problems as well. All of these problems can be addressed and corrected depending on your needs and budget.

The Process

The rebuilding process can be similar to new construction. First, we will begin discussing problems that your current water garden may have. Then we decide a plan of action to correct any minor problems or we can show you how to creatively redesign your water garden to make it function properly. Our pond construction expertise guarantees that you will have a professionally built water garden that functions properly and that will withstand the test of time.

Earth Pond Renovations

Aquatic Creations enjoys bringing back to life the old earth pond. Over years the rapid growth of cattails, bottom sediment can suck out the life of the pond. 

Yes, We Can Get It Done!


Aquatic Creation provides complete Pond Reconstruction. From weed control and pond enhancements using plants and rock accents.


With the removal of evasive Cattails and weeds, your pond can once again be fun to enjoy. …Landscaped and ready for fish.

Does Your Pond Need Help?


IMG_0226 (1)

Aquatic Creations offers a wetland for your earth pond that duplicates Mother Nature in the filtering process. Providing clean healthy water with the natural look of plants supporting your wetland. The natural look of the wetland is a great addition for maintaining a healthy pond.


Pond Renovation Services

  • Pond Aeration
  • Foundation Installation
  • Bank & Erosion Reconstruction
  • Wetland Construction
  • Sediment Control & Removal
  • Overflow & Pipe Installation
  • Pond Bank Plantings
  • Complete Pond Restoration

Complete Pond Maintenance Programs Available


Aquatic Creations does pond liner installation that allows a predetermined water depth by preventing water from escaping. Great for controlled fishing and swimming ponds. When installed with our wetland and intake bay, you have the ULTIMATE natural swimming pond.

Our goal in your earth pond renovation is to restore the natural beauty and use of your tired lifeless pond. We take into consideration the sediment buildup, water supply, pond depth and the introduction of aquatic plants, in order to find the perfect balance that makes for a vibrant, happy pond.

IMG_0416 (1)

Pond sediment can destroy the life of your pond if not controlled. Above is an example of what your pond bottom can look like if neglected. Aquatic Creations will determine the best plan of action to take in completing your ponds renovation. 

photo 2

Above is and example of an Intake Bay that works to filter and circulate the water in this natural swimming pond.


If we can slow down the aging process of your pond naturally, we will. Or a neglected pond will need to be drained and sediment removed providing more years of enjoyment.

Now You Sit Back And Enjoy