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Price Guide for Ponds

The Dragonfly

7′ x  10′ Pond With Waterfall

Our Dragonfly Pond is a great choice for pond hobbyist who are looking to get their feet wet with the pond lifestyle.

Starting at $9,995

The Goldfish

10’ x 14’ Pond with 8’ Stream

Our Goldfish Pond is a popular choice for pond hobbyist who are looking for a perfect midsized pond. The Goldfish Pond offers more room for additional plantings and fish

Starting at $12,995

The Koi

14’ x 14’ Pond with 8’ Stream

The Koi is perfect for the pond enthusiast with large fish and aquatic plants.

Starting at $17,995

The Kingfisher

14’ x 20’ Pond with 8’ Stream

The kingfisher provides a peaceful, serene water feature with more room for larger fish and aquatic plants. The optimal-sized pond for koi will become the center of enjoyment and relaxation in your backyard

Starting at $23,995

Paradise Pond

20’ x 25’  Complete Pond Package 

Our Paradise Pond is the pinnacle in Aquatic Environments, leaving plenty of room for large koi, lush aquatic plantings and breathtaking waterfalls. The paradise pond is complete with a custom designed wetland filter, 8’ stream, and aquatic plantings. Large boulders, pristine water quality and breathtaking views will now be right outside your backdoor with this exciting package.

Starting at $66,995

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