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Price Guide for Pondless

Bubbling Spring

Up to 3’ long and 18” high Waterfall

The Bubbling Spring is an affordable entry-level Pondless Waterfall that will add the sights and sounds of flowing water. The small footprint will fit into 4’x4’ area on your property. Perfect for those small locations!

Starting at $4,995

Mountain Falls

Pondless Waterfall with 6’ of Stream

Enjoy waterfalls and a stream up to 6 ft long and 24" tall. This very low maintenance water feature mimics the look you find in a natural, gurgling mountain stream

Starting at $7,995

Victoria Falls

Pondless Waterfall with 14’ of Stream

A meandering 14' stream and multiple cascades will provide the perfect backdrop in your backyard.

Starting at $11,995

Fantasy Falls

Pondless Waterfalls with 25’ Stream

Our Fantasy Falls pondless stream will make a significant impact on your property. Large boulders, multiple waterfalls, and fast flowing water will now be right outside your backdoor with this exciting package

Starting at $22,995

Custom Pondless Hybrid

Pondless Water with Fountain Accents

Looking for a water feature that truly stands out? Our unique designs that combine waterfalls with fountains are truly one of a kind.

Custom Pricing

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