Pondless Water Falls

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Aquatic Creations

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A Pondless Waterfall is a great option allowing you to enhance the landscaping without the maintenance of a pond. Aquatic Creations will construct a waterfall and recreate a real stream that flows naturally. Giving you all the sounds of a mountain flowing stream. It can be built with wadding areas to cool your feet, seating areas for the children to play. And of course the birds will love it. The nice thing is the water is recirculating from a hidden reservoir beneath the rocks and boulders used to build your stream. 

If you don’t want a pond for fish, this is a great maintenance free option for your landscape decor.

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Soothing Sound

You’ll enjoy the soothing sounds of the streaming water as it cascades over the rocks. The Pondless Water Feature will help to drown out undesirable sounds of the surrounding area, giving you a tranquil atmosphere in your outdoor living space.

Low Maintenance

If you want the the mesmerizing sound of cascading water that flows down over a colorful rockbed but doesn’t want the maintenance of a pond…then a Pondless Water Feature is for you! 


Keep calm and relax! Sitting in your garden, patio or porch enjoying the stimulating visual aspects and serenity of sounds of your Pondless Waterfalls will be the best backyard  vacation paradise.

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